10 Reasons to Take Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist

10 Reasons to Take Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist

Your child’s oral health is important and teaching them good dental hygiene early on is crucial, so give your child something to smile about and schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist. What’s the difference between a pediatric dentist and a family dentist? For one, family dentists practice general dentistry for patients of all ages; not just children. Pediatric dentists, on the other hand, work with children all day and are more adept in helping them feel at ease and providing advice that is easy for them to follow.

Why Pediatric Dentists

A pediatric dentist specializes and adapt their techniques and procedures for general dentistry and specialties to prove comprehensive preventive oral care for children. Pediatric dentist treats a variety of conditions and diseases in infants and adolescents including routine cleaning, x-rays, and preventive dental care. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in Florida, call Dr Mimy's Children's Dentistry to schedule a consultation.

Here are 10 reasons why you should take your child to a pediatric dentist:

  1. Pediatric dentists are kid experts! In fact, we receive an extra 2 to 3 years of special training to effectively treat children of all ages, including infants and teenagers.
  1. Unlike the office of a family dentist, pediatric dental practices often look more like playgrounds and amusement centers. Children are not yet accustomed to the idea of visiting the dentist, so providing a kid-friendly environment is a crucial part of making them feel safe. Our walls are decorated with colorful murals and toys and video games fill our play areas. It’s where all the cool kids hang out!
  1. Not all children are alike, of course. Some are very shy and some love to chat. A pediatric dentist will know how to handle each child’s unique personality from the get-go. That’s why you should always put your trust in dentists who specialize specifically in treating children.
  1. Some parents have concerns about their child’s pacifier use or thumb sucking habits. Your pediatric dentist can show you how to tame your child’s bad habits.
  1. There are a lot of misconceptions about when a child’s first dental visit should be. Your child should see a dentist by the age of 1 or within 6 months of the appearance of the first tooth. Remember, baby teeth get cavities, too. Pediatric dentists are trained to work on your precious one’s teeny-tiny teeth.
  1. Pediatric dentists aren’t the only kid experts in our offices. Our hygienists are, too! They are trained to use smaller tools that are the perfect size for your child’s mouth and jaw.
  1. Our dental hygienists will show your child each instrument they plan on using during their visit and explain its purpose. It’s our way of making every child’s dental visit entertaining and educational, so they can learn to look forward to their appointments.
  1. Pediatric dentists are also trained to treat kids with special needs.
  1. We give away kid-friendly prizes at the end of each visit.
  1. Pediatric dentists understand how to make a child’s visit fun. Most of our patients cannot wait for their next dental check-up. That probably sounds like fiction to some parents, but with us, it’s a reality. That’s something you can both smile about!

Schedule an Appointment with a Pediatric Dentist for Your Child Today!

Do not put off scheduling a dental appointment for your young one. Teaching a child good oral hygiene habits early on is crucial. At Dr. Mimy’s Children’s Dentistry, our pediatric dentistry is committed to providing the best care and treatment for children of all ages.

Call our office today at (561) 220-2601 to schedule an appoint and learn more about the services we offer.


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