The Binky Fairy: How Giving Up the Pacifier Is a Rite of Passage for Toddlers

The Binky Fairy: How Giving Up the Pacifier Is a Rite of Passage for Toddlers

Ever wish your child’s pacifier could disappear? There is a creative, fun way you can help your child cope with the loss of their binky and graduation to “big kid” status! Enter: The Binky Fairy. Just like the Tooth Fairy magically collects baby teeth, the Binky Fairy goes all around the world to collect binkies from big boys and girl toddlers to give them to babies who need them. This is a simple tale your toddler can understand, and maybe even participate in the fun of graduating from using a pacifier.

How Can I Take My Toddler’s Pacifier Away?

It takes a bit of preparation as a parent to help your child say “bye, bye” to their beloved binky. What can you do? At Dr. Mimy’s Children’s Dentistry, we have ideas!

Follow these 7 simple steps to prepare your tyke for “bye, bye binky”:

  1. Give them a heads up: Let your tyke know about the Binky Fairy before she makes her magical appearance to take away the pacifiers.
  2. Create a calendar: Make a colorful “Bye, Bye Binky” calendar to count down the days until the Binky Fairy’s arrival. This helps prepare your toddler mentally and emotionally.
  3. Read them children’s books on the subject: There are plenty of fun books for toddlers that will prepare them for a binky-free life. These books emphasize how your child is now a big boy or girl.
  4. Start weaning: As a parent, make sure you’re just as prepared as your child is. That means you shouldn’t offer the pacifier anymore, especially when your little one is calm and in a stress-free situation. Only let your child use a pacifier in the days leading up to when the Binky Fairy arrives, and only at nighttime.
  5. Get the binkies ready for the Binky Fairy: Just as the Tooth Fairy knows baby teeth can be found underneath your child’s pillow, make sure you have a special place to put all your child’s pacifiers so the Binky Fairy is ready to pick them up.
  6. The Binky Fairy’s magical arrival: Once your child falls asleep, you can take the bag of binkies. Replace them with a fun treat, toy, or a comforting pillow as “proof” that the Binky Fairy came.
  7. Celebrate binky graduation! When you toddler wakes us to find the toy or treat the Binky Fairy left, you can celebrate his or her newfound “big kid” status with a small party with friends and/or your other children.

What About the Tough Times When My Toddler Wants the Binky Again?

It can be tough to know what to do when your toddler starts to ask for the pacifier after the Binky Fairy already came. During tough times, remind your child he or she is now a big boy or girl, and the Binky Fairy took the pacifiers for the babies who really need them. You should expect that the first 1 to 5 nights will be challenging after the Binky Fairy’s departure, but that soon after, the Binky Fairy will be forgotten and it will just be a sweet memory for you, as the parent.

Most children between the ages of 2 to 4 readily give up their pacifiers without parental involvement. Other toddlers never even need the Binky Fairy. If your child is one thatwould benefit from the Binky Fairy, make it a magical rite of passage and a fun milestone.

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