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Pediatric Dentistry Committed to Care & Comfort

Dental Songs & Poems

Palm Beach Children's Dentistry

(Tune ~ Do your ears hang low)
Are your teeth clean and white? Do you brush them right?
Do you brush them in the morning? Do you brush them at night?
Do you brush them side to side, Up and down, round and round?
Are your teeth clean and white? Do you floss them good to remove the bits of food?
Do you clean them everyday like you know you should?
Do you take good care of the teeth that are there? Do you floss them good?

(Tune ~ La Cucaracha)
We brush our teeth up, We brush our teeth down,
We brush them brush them all around.
We don’t want cavities Oh no, no gum disease
We tell those bugs get out of town!

(Tune ~ Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)
Got my toothpaste, got my brush,
I won’t hurry, I won’t rush.
Making sure my teeth are clean,
Front and back and in-between,
When I brush for quite a while,
I will have a happy smile.

(Tune ~ Row, Row, Row your boat)
Brush, brush, brush your teeth. At least two times a day.
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, Fighting tooth decay.
Floss, floss,floss your teeth. Every single day.
Gently, gently, gently,gently, Whisking Plaque away.
Rinse, rinse, rinse your teeth Every single day.
Swishing, swishing, swishing, swishing, Fighting tooth decay.

(Tune ~ Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)
Sparkle, sparkle, little teeth, Some above and some beneath.
Brush them all at every meal, Clean and fresh they’ll always feel.
Sparkle, sparkle, little teeth, Some above and some beneath.
Floss them, floss them, in between. Cavities will not be seen!
See your dentist twice a year, You will grin from ear to ear.
Floss them, floss them, in between, Cavities will not be seen!
Snacking, snacking, it’s okay. Try it in the proper way.
Eat raw veggies, fruit and cheese. They will make your mouth say ”Please!”
Snacking, snacking, it’s okay. Try it in the proper way.


Up like the sunshine, Down like rain,
Back and forth like a choo choo train! (use hand motion)

A tooth fell out, and left a space
So big my tongue could touch my face.
And every time I smile, I show a space
where something used to grow.
I miss my tooth as you can guess
But then, I have to brush one less!

What You Can Expect

From Our Palm Beach Gardens Pediatric Dentists
  • Caring Doctors & Stafff

    Our dental care team is patient and kind-hearted.

  • Friendly Atmosphere

    You can be sure your child receives great care from us.

  • Focused On Your Child

    We can work with your child's pediatrician for better care.

  • Certified pediatric dentists

    Dr. Mimy has more than 30 years of experience.

Our Patients' Testimonials

  • “Thanks to the beautiful, caring and, friendly staff! I could not ask to be apart of a better dental family!”

    Jacquline Anderson

  • “We drive more than 25 miles to this office. They are very professional and we love them!”

    Fabio Montoya

  • “The waiting time is never too long, and, I’m always pleased with the service.”

    Cassandra Granberry

  • “You and your wonderful staff have given us 14 years of the most professional and caring dental care”

    Michelle, James, Ashley, Nick, Sean, and Will Beattie

  • “I am very pleased with the dental care that is given to my daughter from the doctors and staff.”

    Patrick Boursiquot

  • “It goes without saying that you have the most professional, compassionate and friendly staff”

    Cara Gonnello

  • “Thanks for your patience and gentle care.”

    Rebecca Sechrist

  • “We really appreciate everything you have done with helping Mia overcome her fears with the dentist”

    Bridgette Foulis

  • “The entire staff has always been extremely nice and helpful at each and every visit.”

    Dawn Meyer

  • “I am so grateful to you all for providing her with such a positive dental experience.”

    Shefali Hernandez

  • “You and the great staff at Children’s Dentistry made my sons first visit to the dentist a great experience.”

    Mona Egea

  • “They always address our concerns with professionalism and compassion.”

    Calya Maraist

  • “If you would like your children treated right, come to Children’s Dentistry!”

    Laura Smith-Gaskins

  • “The birthday phone calls always make my daughter smile.”

    Claire Perez

  • “I would recommend Children’s Dentistry to everyone with kids!”

    Adriane Hill