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Pediatric Dentistry Committed to Care & Comfort

Pediatric Dental Sedation in Palm Beach Gardens

Learn More about Comfortable Care for Your Little One

If you need a procedure done to your teeth, your dentist will recommend some form of anesthesia to sedate you and allow the work to be done so that you won’t feel any pain. The same goes for your child: Fillings, tooth extractions, crowns, root canals, and other serious dental work will all require some form of sedation. However, unlike the sedation you may receive as an adult, child sedation is a delicate process that should be entrusted to our pediatric sedation dentist in Palm Beach Gardens. We have the experience and training needed to handle small teeth.

At Dr. Mimy’s Children’s Dentistry, we recognize and understand that your child’s dental care should be second-to-none, and that is why we have undergone special education to be fully-prepared to handle your child’s growing teeth. Our team of dentists in Palm Beach Gardens FL have undergone thorough and specific training to know how to properly administer anesthetics and sedatives that can both prevent your child from feeling pain while also ensuring they remain safe throughout the process.

How We Help Your Child Through the Process

We understand that being sedated can be intimidating and even fearful for young children, especially if they have never been sedated before. That is why we take extra steps along the way to ensure that your child will be comfortable and happy throughout the process.

We offer the following types of sedation methods for your child:

  • Nitrous oxide: Otherwise known as “laughing gas,” this type of sedation lessens anxiety and numbs pain receptors, allowing work to be done while still maintaining consciousness
  • I.V. sedation: Also called “deep sedation,” this type of anesthetic puts your child to sleep while also numbing their pain receptors, allowing for a calm procedure which your child wakes up from with little to no memory of the work being done.

Board-Certified Children's Anesthesiologist

It can be difficult for a parent to permit their child to be placed into deep sedation, but our team is committed to making sure you are as comfortable and at-ease as your child. All I.V. sedation procedures are performed by a board-certified M.D. pediatric anesthesiologists and a registered pediatric nurse who monitor your child at all times throughout the procedure.

Let our team provide the care your child’s smile needs. Contact Dr. Mimy’s Children’s Dentistry online or dial (561) 220-2601 to request an appointment!

Our Patients' Testimonials

  • “I am very pleased with the dental care that is given to my daughter from the doctors and staff.”

    Patrick Boursiquot

  • “They always address our concerns with professionalism and compassion.”

    Calya Maraist

  • “If you would like your children treated right, come to Children’s Dentistry!”

    Laura Smith-Gaskins

  • “We are very thankful for the doctors professional care. We are looking forward to continued care with the office.”

    Tatiana Russo

  • “Thanks to the beautiful, caring and, friendly staff! I could not ask to be apart of a better dental family!”

    Jacquline Anderson

  • “Since the very first appointment Children’s Dentistry has been awesome.”

    Charline Curtis

  • “Jack now smiles and is very proud of his ability to be a big boy and loves his pretty teeth.”

    Mary Parry

  • “You and your wonderful staff have given us 14 years of the most professional and caring dental care”

    Michelle, James, Ashley, Nick, Sean, and Will Beattie

  • “Safe patient care, clinical excellence and mutual respect and compassion to their patients and family members”

    Teri Hughes

  • “I would recommend Children’s Dentistry to everyone with kids!”

    Adriane Hill

  • “I am so grateful to you all for providing her with such a positive dental experience.”

    Shefali Hernandez

  • “The birthday phone calls always make my daughter smile.”

    Claire Perez

  • “The quality of care from the doctors was quite obvious, they made him so comfortable and at ease.”

    Beth Wilkins

  • “Since the first visit my children said they loved the Doctors and staff.”

    Tawana Holland

  • “You and the great staff at Children’s Dentistry made my sons first visit to the dentist a great experience.”

    Mona Egea